It is undeniably the most grueling championship in barefoot water skiing.

Water Ski magazine dubbed it the “craziest water ski championship in America,” and the New York Times calls “a Nascar race on water, only with a crash on every lap.”

It’s Footstock. The National Championship of Figure Eight Endurance Barefooting. The two-day event pits 140 of the world’s best barefooters head to head in an endurance style shoot-out over a punishing 1-1/2 mile figure eight course. The winner is simply the last man standing.

Professional and amateur barefooters compete in four divisions, juniors, women’s, seniors and open for a purse of over $6,000-the biggest payout in competitive barefooting. And the event is open to anyone of any ability.

Of course, world class barefooting is only part of the draw for spectators. Skiers also compete for prizes by wearing outrageous costumes. Men who lose to a female in the open division are made to wear pink shirts. There are leach-eating contests.  Even a raffle to get the chance to shoot paintballs at a barefooter. All of which has turned the popularity for the two-day event into a national cult phenomenon among barefoot enthusiasts.

Costume Contest:
Footstock has always attracted the country’s most talented barefooters. It also brings the craziest ones as well. In celebration of this melting pot of characters, Footstock hosts an annual costume contest. Points are awarded for both creativity and uniqueness of costume, as well as finish in the costume ski bracket. Cash prizes are awarded to top 3 costumes. So even if you suck at bare footing you can still be a winner at Footstock. The costume contest is sponsored annually by BarefootCentral.com and Eagle Wetsuits.