Division 1:
Open (Open to all skiers, age, sex or ability)
Speed: 40-42 mph

Division 2:
Women’s (Open to women of all ages)
Speed: 36-42 mph

Division 3:
Senior’s (Open to all men or women 40 and over)
Speed: 40-42 mph (Same as Masters)

Division 4:
Junior’s (Open to all boys and girls 16 and under)
Speed: 36-40 mph

Division 5:
Masters* (Open to all men or women 60 and over)
Speed: 40-42 mph

Division 6:
Costume (Open to all skiers)
Speed: 40-42 mph

Division 7
Best of the Worst (Open to all open division skiers who lose first two runs)
Speed: 40-42 mph (Subject to cancellation)

*Skiers that have placed in Top 5 of Open Division in last 5 years are not eligible for Masters