2015 Results

2015 Winners

1st Pete Fleck (Florida)
2nd Chad Mietz (Wisconsin)
3rd Kyle Rou (Michigan)
4th Brody Meskers (Wisconsin)
5th Kyle Kazel (Minnesota)
6th Keith St Onge (Florida)
7th Jacob Weber (Minnesota)
8th Brad Pylman (Michigan)
9th  Bob Mahnke (Wisconsin)
10th Dave Hopkins (Michigan)
11th Jon DeBelak (Wisconsin)
12th Marc Donahue (Indiana)
13thth Joe Heilman (Minnesota)
14th Elaine Fatla (Wisconsin)
15th Isaac Auckee (Wisconsin)
16th Luke Bruckner (Wisconsin)

1st Elaine Fatla (Wisconsin)
2nd Amanda Cotter (Minnesota)
3nd Haley Gibbon (Wisconsin)
4th Victoria Wienser (Wisconsin)

1st Chad Mietz (Wisconsin)
2nd Pete Fleck (Florida)
3rd Brad Pylman (Michigan)
4th Bob Mahnke (Wisconsin)

1st Mike Netzer (Wisconsin)
2nd John DeBelak (Wisconsin)
3rd Wayne King (Canda)
4th Bob Mahnke (Wisconsin)

1st Brody Meskers (Wisconsin)
2nd Ethan Schulda (Wisconsin)
3rd Maxwell Wohlleber (Wisconsin)
4th Payton Blau (Michigan)

Best of the Worst and Worst
Mike Netzer

Costume Contest
1st Greg Fatla
2nd Scott Wedge
3rd Joe Heilman/Amanda Cotter