2013 Results

Official Results

1st       Pete Fleck (Wisconsin)
2nd       Chad Mietz (Wisconsin)
3rd       Jacob Weber (Wisconsin)
4th       Kyle Kazel (Minnesota)
5th       Greg Fatla (Wisconsin)
6th       Marc Donahue (Indiana)
7th       Brody Meskers (Wisconsin)
8th       Elliot Padgett (Wisconsin)
9th       Luke Bruckner (Wisconsin)
10th       Dan Ehlers (Wisconsin)
11th       Chris Skaletski (Wisconsin)
12th       Kevin McGregor (Minnesota)
13th       Wayne King (Manitoba, Canada)
14th       Ethan Schulda (Wisconsin)
15th       Ben Walker (Wisconsin)
16th       Nick Ruchti (Minnesota)

1st       Pete Fleck (Florida)
2nd       Chad Mietz (Wisconsin)
3rd       Dan Ehlers (Wisconsin)
4th       Ron Blouw (Michigan)

1st       Haley Gibbon (Wisconsin)
2nd       Victoria Wiesner (Wisconsin)
3rd       Kristina Ruchti (Wisconsin)
4th       Amanda Nelson (Wisconsin)

1st       Isaac Aukee (Michigan)
2nd       Brody Meskers (Wisconsin)
3rd       Max Dachman (Wisconsin)
3rd       Nick Ruchti (Wisconsin)

1st       Wayne King (Canda)
2nd       Dave Hopkins (Michigan)
3rd       Paul Elsen (Illinois)

Best of the Worst
1st       Joel Kehl